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Building Blocks to your Child's Success

Receiving an autism diagnosis is a life-changing experience for any family. At Autism 360™ we believe autism should not be a barrier to academic success. Do not let autism delay your child starting school. We are here to help!

My child has autism and I am not sure he is ready for school...


Does your child have difficulty communicating their wants and needs? Can they take direction that's being given by more than one person? Does your child struggle to stay on tasks for more than a few minutes? Does your child take turns? These can all be signs that your child may not be ready for the classroom environment.

Going to school is a big adjustment. From being at home with mom and dad to sitting in a classroom with a group of unfamiliar faces and new rules to learn. These changes can be especially difficult for children on the autism spectrum. 

Autism 360™ is here to help. Our Prep 360™ program is an early intervention treatment in a highly structured, preschool setting utilizing ABA therapy. 

Reach out today to schedule an assessment with one of our Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBA) to determine if Prep 360™ is the right program for your child. Let us help get your child off on the right foot by setting them up for their maximum potential in kindergarten and beyond. 

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My Family Has Just Received An Autism Diagnosis

There are numerous therapies geared to assist children diagnosed with autism: Applied Behavior Analysis,

Prep 360™, speech therapy and occupational therapy. Jump over to our Autism 360™ page to learn more about available resources.  

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