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More than ever, it's important for your child to have the right set of skills to succeed in school and life.


At Prep 360™, each classroom contains a dedicated Teacher who manages and organizes the learning environment, much like a traditional Pre-School setting. The teacher is in charge of implementation of the curriculum and group activities.


The assigned BCBA and Behavior Technician work alongside the teacher utilizing ABA techniques and therapy approaches to customize a program for your child and maximize their learning of essential skills required for a classroom setting. 

Classes run from 8am-2pm Monday through Friday.

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Connect the Dots to Individualized Learning for Every Child

Nurture Creative,

Confident, & Caring Learners


Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA Therapy) is a scientific approach that systematically applies techniques and strategies to improve or change socially significant behavior. ABA focuses on understanding how behavior works, how we learn, and how our behaviors are affected by our environment.


ABA treatment begins with an objective assessment process. Prep 360™ utilizes components of the VBMAPP,    ABLLS-R, and the GOLD assessment to individualize instruction by understanding how children's abilities progress and supporting them with unique color-coded progressions that show typical development of skills across age groups. This allows your child's team to effectively scaffold learning experiences to respond to his/her current strengths and needs. Parents are then provided with a quarterly report to stay informed of progress and build consistency in learning experiences. 

What does 360 Mean?

"360" is often used to refer to a complete trip around the edge of a circle. For

Autism 360™, these three numbers are so much more. 360 encompasses not only

the child, the treatment team, and the program, but the entire family as well.

Autism 360™ designed Prep 360™ to incorporate principles of ABA, NC Common Core Teaching techniques, and Family engagement. This wrap around approach ensures the building blocks to your child's success aren't localized to one setting, such as a clinic, but extend to all areas including home, school, community and more.  


A high-quality learning environment is:



Adaptive to the needs of your child

High-quality requires the use of objective ABA programming and curriculum based on comprehensive early learning standards that address the whole child while remaining developmentally appropriate... and that is exactly what you will find with Prep 360™! 

Support the whole child.

Go beyond the traditional definitions of success,

to focus on what works best for your child. 


The 360 whole child approach provides children with a foundation that supports a lifelong love of learning, ongoing adaptability, and future success. By promoting a child's long-term development and growth, this approach ensures children are not only learning, but healthy, safe, supported, challenged and engaged. 

The 38 research-based objectives at the heart of our curriculum define a unique path for each child in the classroom setting. These objectives cover 10 different areas of development and learning within broader topics including English language acquisition, Social-Emotional, Physical education, World discovery and more.  

The power of play.

Constructive and purposeful play in the classroom is essential for learning. 


Purposeful play encourages discovery and exploration, supporting children’s academic and social-emotional growth. When children learn through intentional play, they are establishing a foundation of exploration, investigation, and discovering new interests and ideas.


Family Resources

The Prep 360™ model is successful in large part to the engagement and inclusion of our student's family members. Our program utilizes a digital tool that allows you to engage in two-way communication with the team in real time. This tool creates a virtual conversation that you, additional family members, and your child's team can all contribute to. 

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Family Mobile App

Our mobile app enables quick and efficient communication between Prep 360™ and families and makes sharing video, photos, text, files, and books from the Digital Children's Library easier than ever. 


Family Resource Library

Your family will have access to At-Home Guided Learning Plans, Family Mighty Minutes, and Guided Learning Experiences that include hands-on activities for families to use at home with their children via your Family Mobile App. These resources align with daily topics your child is exploring in their classroom. 

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Digital Children's Library

As a Prep 360™ participant your family will have access to a digital children's library. The library includes books across all genres and titles. Many books in the library include e-reader functionality and are available in both English and Spanish. 

What Makes Our Program Different?

At the heart of the Prep 360™ program are 38 research-based objectives for development and learning which are aligned to NC early learning guidelines and the Head Start Early Learning Outcomes Framework. 

These 38 objectives cover areas that research has shown to be critical for supporting whole-child development and children's success: social-emotional, physical, language, cognitive, literacy, mathematics, science and technology, social studies, and the arts. 

Autism 360 has successfully developed an intensive ABA program to work alongside our comprehensive curriculum to best support your child's preparation for academic success. Prep 360™ does not replace traditional school, but instead helps your child adequately prepare for it. Starting school is a big deal for kids and autism doesn't have to slow them down. Let Prep 360™ help your child build the foundation they need to be all-stars in preschool, kindergarten and beyond. 

360 Approach
Family Resources

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